28 November, 2018

Civil liability insurance for facilities and commercial premises. (28-11-2018)

It is hereby put in public knowledge, the interest of the marina of Fuengirola S.A.M., hereinafter PDF SAM, in obtaining offers of insurance companies and brokerages, for the hiring of the insurances of Civil responsibility and damages of the Facilities and commercial premises of the sports area of the port of Fuengirola. Prescriptions to follow in the process of submission of tenders: liability insurance The same must be covered by the activity of a marina, guaranteeing at least the following: the compensations that may result Civilly responsible. Payment of costs and judicial or extrajudicial expenses. The payment of the Constitution of bonds that may be payable to PDF SAM in a judicial proceeding. Insured Capital: Warranties: R.C. of wide exploitation, giving coverage to: • R.C. subsidiary of Contractors. • R.C. For demolition work. • R.C. For damage to trusted property. • R.C. employers. • R.C. by personal data processing. • R.C. As operators in the sea. • Cross-R.C.. • R.C. sudden and accidental contamination. In all cases there must be a minimum victim sublimit of €600,000 services not provided by PDF SAM: €10 million fuel supply service, parking service, Varadero service or stay in dry sea, sailing school services. Budgeted turnover for the 2019 financial year: €1,205,500 offers may be submitted through the contracting representative that PDF SAM maintains on its website, within ten working days from the date of publication of this notice . Click here to download the document.