28 November, 2018

Damage insurance for installations and commercial premises (28-11-2018).

It is hereby put in public knowledge, the interest of the marina of Fuengirola S.A.M., hereinafter PDF SAM, in obtaining offers of insurance companies and brokerages, for the hiring of the insurances of Civil responsibility and damages of the Facilities and commercial premises of the sports area of the port of Fuengirola. Prescriptions to follow in the process of submission of offers: Insurance of damages must give cover, at least, to the damages that can suffer the own property of the sports zone of the port of Fuengirola, formed by: construction work and facilities, compound By the offices of PDF SAM as well as to the premises owned by the same company (34 units, with approximately 2,100 m2), which house different types of activity and form an integral part of the leisure and commercial area, as well as to the warehouses destined to services of maintenance. As for the facilities of any such construction, water supplies, sanitation networks, drainage, electrical and others. The Civil work must also be covered, covering the damage that can be suffered by the set of pontoons (3 units) and piers where berths (226 units) are located for boats. Insurable Capitals continent: minimum insurable capital of building: Civil Works: Content: Capital Furniture and machinery stocks €60,000 €30,000 €30,000 €700,000 €2 million these capitals are referred to the administrative offices of the Port, as well as to the existing contents in the premises enabled as warehouses to store the machinery and own materials for the maintenance and conservation of the port facilities. coverages • Fire, explosion and lightning fall. • Supplementary expenses. • extensive risks. • Water damage. • Electrical damage. Theft. • Electronic equipment. • Civil works. Assistance.   The offers may be submitted through the contracting profile that PDF SAM maintains on its website, within ten working days from the date of publication of this notice. Click here to download the document