About us

Know our port.

Located in one of the best sites of the Andalusian coastline, right on the seafront of Fuengirola, also called the "white Villa", it shares the enclosure with the fishing port and the Oceanographic Institute, and has inside with a wide offer of Restoration, with pleasant terraces and numerous bars, as well as a striking playground and numerous parking spaces.

This port offers, among its many attractions, the ease of cruising, practicing water sports and sea excursions for whale watching.

The fleet of recreational boats has the most modern professional services for its conservation and maintenance, there being a large area of beach for the storage of boats on land. Numerous shops dedicated to naval effects, clothing and all types of nautical material are located in the area. Navigators of all nationalities choose our facilities for the wintering of their boats, for the quality of their services and for the excellent communications with the international Airport Pablo Ruiz Picasso and tourist destinations of the Relevance of Malaga, Ronda, Sevilla, Granada, the rest of Andalusia as well as Gibraltar.

Being located in the center of the city of Fuengirola, it has all the services that provide to be in a tourist enclave of first order, in a city that has been able to preserve all the flavor of the typical white Andalusian town. A modern and constantly growing population, with an old town where the atmosphere of the southern peoples is breathed.

A wide range of hotels, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and a lively shopping centre meet the leisure expectations of any visitor; Not to mention its 8 km. of beaches, distinguished with numerous blue flags.

Anyone who wants to practise other sports such as golf or horse riding has magnificent facilities within walking distance. There are, in a radius of only 30 km., a score of perfectly equipped golf courses. Its 226 berths have water supplies, electricity and Wi-Fi connection, as well as a meticulous service of seamanship. Weather information and fax/laundry services are provided on-time.

The exploitation of these facilities is entrusted to the Municipal Society Puerto Deportivo of Fuengirola, who is taking charge of the management of the sports area since its creation in the year 1,991.