24 December, 2018

ISO 13687 Certification

It is hereby put in public knowledge, the interest of the marina of Fuengirola S.A.M., in obtaining offers of consultancy companies for the hiring of the service of certification of the standard ISO 13687:2018, tourism and related services-ports Sports, for the sports area of the port of Fuengirola. The companies that concur to this offer must: • First: To be enabled by the Institute of Spanish tourist Quality {ICTE). • Second: to certify as technical solvency the previous experience in the certification of the ISO 13687:2018 standard. • Third: Certification audit will require a minimum of 4 on-site conferences, and 2 on-site conferences, in each of the follow-ups. The offers may be submitted through the contracting profile that PDF SAM maintains on its website, within ten working days from the date of publication of this notice.   Click here to download the document